MPU 6050 Gyro for Gear Selection detection on vehicle

Hi am working on a project where I put a gyro sensor to detect gear position on my vehicle. I am about to buy MPU6050 for measuring the angle. All the blogs were helpful for building the code, filtering and circuit. But I also read that MPU6050 is noisy. I planned to use two gyros one on the chassis and one on the gear knob to find only the relative angle and to subtract the external noise such as vehicle acceleration / engine vibration. Please guide me and let me know if this sensor would work or should I try 9DOF sensor or any other industry grade sensor(max budget is 200$). Please note I donot have problem of drifting as the sensor would start working only if I press the clutch. The angle of measurement is around 5 degree in one axis and 10 deg on the other. The entire measurement would last for max 2 seconds (between shifts).

The gear position if used to send a warning noise to the driver if he is selecting a wrong gear.

It’s easier if you measure road speed and engine rpm ; then calculate what gear you are in from that relationship.

Also look at the pids for your cars ECU , gear may be an available signal .

Hi thank you for reply. Yes I have those sensors. I am using it to recalibrate the gyro. The project is to warn the driver while he is shifting . Unfortunately that data is not available as the clutch is being pressed while shifting.