MPU 6050/Mega/TFT lcd shield

My friend wanted an electronic means to monitor the lateral angle of his blade cuts of his machine across any terrain. My big mouth said, "I can help you with that!"

TFT Screen
(2)3 Axial GY-521 MPU-6050 Module Axis Analog Gyro Sensors + 3 Axis Gyroscope Accelerometer

The Problem:
After recently receiving the MPU-6050, I downloaded what appeared to be a recent library. However, it requires the use of the interrupt #0 pin (pin 2 on the MEGA); this pin is already being used for the TFT.

In my n00bie train of thought, I have an arduino pro mini I could stick in between and communicate serially to the MEGA, but that is one additional piece of hardware not being used to its potential.

I thought this project would be a no brainer until the used interrupt came into play. Is there an alternative stable library with or without an interrupt pin? Has someone already invented this wheel to circumvent the used pin? Or, should I learn to modify the library to assign a different pin to be the interrupt. I found this in the forum - MPU6050 without interrupts; however, it hangs.

Links or direction is greatly appreciated.

The used pins are often settable in user code. Check how the interrupts are used in your libraries, and which one is easier to modify.

You're absolutely correct- pins are settable in the user code. I feel like an idiot for panicking and posting; my eyes must have glazed over due to an exorbitant amount of reading or I'm an idiot. Probably the latter - either way, thanks for setting me straight.

Don't worry - shit happens :wink: