MPU-6050 RAW values don't change (much)

I have a cheap GY-521 board from ebay which seems to work well with the DMP library from Jeff Rowberg.

It outputs teapot to processor just fine.

When I load in the playground example code the values just stay the same. The temperature went up 1 degree when I put my finger on the chip .. but nothing else no matter which way I put the board.

I tried the RAW code from Jeff with the same result.

Anyone have a clue what I might be doing wrong ?

Cancel that guys.

I am kind of new at this.

The problem was that because I am using 2 I2C sensors and the ADO is set high the default address of ADDRESS 0x68 did not work.

Changed to ADDRESS 0x69 and now reading data.

The fact that it was spewing out data kind of confused me and I thought it must be communicating !