MPU 6050 strange values

I used the MPU 6050 playground tutorial (Arduino Playground - MPU-6050) and I'm having some problems.

The values are always the same as you can see on the picture, and is checked thats written errors = 2

I plugged all right, what's going wrong ?

What does the MPU 6050 documentation say about "error 2"?

It looks like your output is complete rubbish there. Your communications with the device are not working and you are basically printing some random numbers.

Don't found anything about error 2 on the device, when I try another script of arduino it print random characters like:
"0?±¤µ0$0?±¤ °$%¤í¤¡µ¥Î00%¥¤!¡¡ í$ 0%´¥î °?5¤!¡!0´í$%%-å$¡"

This is what is printed with i2c dev example.

What's wrong ? My 6050 is fried ? My usb port is broken ? My Cable ? Wrong conection ? I tried everything.

Maybe my wire.h or i2cdev.h or mpu6050.h library is wrong.

Don't know what can I do

I tryied again, now it give values, and 0 errors but the value are too inaccurate this is the values of the sensor on idle:

You have no error, and the values are not froozen. The values are actually very good.

In case you have I2C problems again, run the i2c_scanner for some time (like half an hour).