MPU-6050 when power the board it turn red light!

I just bought the above MPU-6050 board for my project. I watched number of videos demo about this board and notice most of the time when power up the board it turn on green LED light. But for my it turn on the LED was red light. I was wondering it this normal or it has any fault to the board.

When I upload the demo sketch from here: Arduino Playground - MPU-6050,
just to see how it response, it only read for a few round and it stop transmitting and 'TX' LED at arduino UNO is not flashing. So I am not too sure if the board malfunction or it is normal?

Hope anyone using this can tell me your experience on these.

I cas see from the photo: That board contains one led only. In your case - a red one...

MPU 6050 has just one led.?t could be red or green .?t doesnt matter.You can get raw value from your MPU6050.I am using MPU6050 Which has red led.