MPU-6050 with 433MHz Transmitter & Receiver


I have no background knowledge with Arduino so apologies for my absolute lack of anything of any substance.

I'm building a golf club sensor for a college project and want to use the mentioned components in the subject with the MPU-6050 sensor on a GY-521 board.

I have individual code for each of the components I have sourced from various places. My problem is I don't know what to do with the code for the sensor and the transmitter. Do I have to combine them to make one code in order for the transmitter to send the data from the sensor when it is in use?

Any help would be most appreciated.

Thanks in anticipation.

The Arduino runs only one program at a time. It is a great idea to work through some of the basic Arduino tutorials before tackling this rather ambitious project.

First, make sure you completely understand the example programs that demonstrate the capabilities of the MPU-6050, and choose what data you ultimately want to send. Use the serial monitor for this.

If a wire is really not an option for collecting data, I recommend VirtualWire for the cheap 433 MHz modules. Don't be bothered by the "end of life" message, it works fine. But use of just about any radio will require intermediate to advanced programming skills to implement.

Learn how to use the VirtualWire examples, learn how to modify them to transmit and receive the type of data you need, then merge the few required lines into the MPU-6050 code.