MPU 6050's red light blinking?

Hi, i am new to forum and arduino,

I am on a project but i see sth, my mpu 6050's red led light is blinking, when i connected all cables, uploaded code and powered system up. Is it normal? or it is broken or sth else?

Thanks in advance,


the mpu6050 is a chip, which does not have a red light on it.

The tiny pcb module which some other company made, might have a red light on it. There are many such modules. Try to find a schematic for yours. I have not seen one with a blinking light, myself. It could just mean "power is on", or a whole bunch of other imaginable things. I'd be guessing.

It should not matter, as long as you can get data from it.

I know only one module with the MPU-6050 and a led (for example at That led is powered by the 3.3V and should always be on.

As far as i see, as you said, on but maybe i broke or misconnect or do sth wrong let me try,

if i notice sth, i will let you all know :)

Many thanks for your time,