MPU 9150 Playground Sketch only gives -1 values


I have successfully managed to get my 9150 sensor working by using the RichardsTech library. It is an excellent piece of code.

Unfortunately, it is also large. Too large for my project so I am searching for a replacement. The alternatives seems to require the use of an interrupt pin which is a problem for me. The RichardsTech library does not require this.

I tried the playground sketch, but it only gives me -1 values from the sensor. I've tried both 0x68 and 0x69 as address. This is a shame since it is very compact indeed.

Any ideas on what could be wrong?

Alternatively, do you have another 9150 library to recommend which is compact and does not require interrupt pin?

Many thanks for your help /Jonas Forssell

Typical, Just after posting I found the correct action for the playground code.

The address needs to be changed in TWO places in the code for it to work.

Line 140 AND line 205.

Still interested in any compact library though.

Thanks /Jonas

I just tried this for the first time yesterday, so barely know what I'm doing. I tried this code and it worked fine. It uses I2C, and does not use the interrupt pin.

I have one of the cheapo ebay modules, like this,