MPU-9250 dmp libraray

I tried many library for the MPU-9250 ,but can't find any which outputs orientation data using DMP. Iused an MPU 6050 with DMP from the examples here -

The data output was rock solid.

is there any similiar way to get DMP data from MPU-9250?

Starting with a Google search for MPU-9250 I found which points to
MPU-9250 Hookup Guide - and near the bottom of thst page is a part that says:

Many of the advanced features of the MPU-9250 are only accessable by agreeing to a pages of licensing terms and logging in as a developer to get access to Embedded MotionDriver 6.12. This approach isn't super Arduino friendly. At power up 3062 bytes of undocumented hex needs to be loaded into the MPU-9250.