MPU-9250 gyro sensitivity

I'm building a fast autonomous robot car. I want to detect when the car is starting to turn,so I can reduce speed.
I thinking of using MPU-9250 (Sparkfun) I have. I don't have enough technical background to understand all the parameters. what is the best way to configure the chip (I copy it from example)

imu.setSensors(INV_XYZ_GYRO | INV_XYZ_ACCEL );
imu.setSampleRate(1000); //

I made some tests and I'm reading raw output from Z gyro and Z accelerometer
now I when then car is turning I get the max output of the Gyro (2000,-2000) and regarding the accelerometer I didn't see a "good" value to exploit it, so for the meanwhile I want only to use the gyro.

  1. what value do I need to setup the LPF (low pass filter) for my setup (1000 per sencond)? (5hz ? 188hz?)
  2. How can I reduce the sensitivity of the gyro? so not most of my readings will be with the MAX value?


Look at the method setGyroFSR() in the sparkfun library for setting gyro full-scale reading.

However 2000 deg/s is the maximum, that's 330 rpm which is already really fast for steering turning rate.