mpu 9250 with 4-channel I2C-safe Bi-directional Logic Level Converter - BSS138

Any chance someone has a wiring schematic for an imu (mpu9250) to a logic level shifter (BSS138) in order to use it on the Arduino Uno?

Thank you.

Are you sure you need it? I have seen many diagrams where you just power the MPU9250 from the 3.3V supply on the uno and then connect the SDA/SCK

Are you sure you need it?

With the Uno, yes, but the very best solution is to use a 3.3V Arduino with 3.3V sensors and connect them directly.

It is never a good idea for hobbyists to mix 5 and 3.3V electronics without using a logic level converter. There are too many chances for making a mistake and destroying one or both sides of the connection.

For the Uno, connect SDA and SCL following the instructions linked on this page for your logic level converter.

If you use the address select pin of the MPU-9250 under program control, that also requires level conversion.

Example for Pololu's converter:

Thank you, that was really helpful, I am pretty sure it is connected right and its showing up on the scanner however when I try to run imu.begin in the bolderflight library I am just getting the status of -5 and it isn't initialized, any idea why?

If you get the correct device address when you run the I2C scanner program, then basic I2C communications are working and the MPU-9250 is responding normally to requests.

That suggests that the library is somehow not correctly configured for your Arduino, for I2C communication, or to recognize the sensor. Sorry, I know nothing about it.

Without posting your code and links to where you got any of the libraries you are using, only you can answer that question.

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