MPU6050 and MLX90614 I2C Interfacing

Hi everyone,

I'm trying to get four MLX90614 IR Temp sensors and a MPU6050 3 axis accelerometer to work with the same I2C library but have become confused when trying to integrate the example sketches that I've found.

The example sketch for the MLX90614 sensors ( uses the I2Cmaster library while the MPU6050 example sketch ( uses the i2cdev library. I've looked through both libraries and tried to figure them out enough to write them both on one, but my knowledge of either is lacking.

I understand the raw concepts behind I2C communication and have all of the devices addressed to different locations, but if someone knows how to set up communication to both sensors on either library any help would be appreciated.

My assumption was that using both would not work because of interference, but if they would work please let me know.



My assumption was

based on two libraries that you did not provide links to...

Sorry about that, links in the description didn't work as planned.

I2Cdev -

I2CMaster - bottom of the page here: