MPU6050 arduino code


I am new to coding . I have a MPU6050 IMU from sparkfun and I had assessed J. Rowberg code. Unfortunately the code itself is too complicated and long and I do not understand a lot of them.

I understand I need to include MPU6050.h and i2cdevlib.h header files into the MPU6050_raw.ino sketch file. What I dont understand is how they manage to tell arduino board which analog port SDA and SCL connected to? The suggested analog port from sparkfun is SCL to analog 5 and SDA to analog 4. What if I want to change it? which part of the code define these?

and I saw many variable definition in term of hexadecimal. I wonder what are them used for.

The full coding is here.

Thank you for those who willing to reply me. Your help is much appreciated.

You can't change I2C pins, it is an hardware functionallity

Start with simple projects to learn to understand the arduino programming arrangment. Buy a book to learn about C/C++.

You do not have to put the .h file into the other files.

Start with a simpler application to understand what I2C is and how it works.