MPU6050 calibration is not ending

Have any one of you encountered this? I was trying to understand and changed the code in a way mean_ax, mean_ay,mean_az, and mean_gx, mean_gy, mean_gz are shown.

But they are almost never being under acel_deadzone and giro_deadzone values which are 8 and 1. Therefore they always keep repeating and never finish.

Screenshot is below.

I used the well-known calibration code with a little change, the values are shown this time...

I succeed to calibrate it in 2 PC before, this new PC cannot finish and wait 30-40 minutes and I feel like it will because values are not converging.Can it be related to PC I used?

Thank you

Problem solved. When I calibrated it in another computer, there was no problem. I don't know why.