MPU6050 connection failed code 1 initial memory load failed

Hi there

I'm new to this forum and arduino's and already i'm frustrated with them!!

I've chucked myself in at the deep end by trying to use a mpu6050 to measure some accelerations of a mass on a spring. I've downloaded the code that Jeff Rowberg produced and downloaded it from the link in this tutorial, as well as the library for the MPU6050 and I2CDev. I've then gone into the IDE and clicked on the example labelled "MPU6050_DMP6" and tried to get some values. This worked a couple of weeks ago but now it wont work and shows the following error messages;

Initializing I2C devices... Testing device coU6050 connection failed

Send any character to begin DMP programming and demo: Init⸮Initializing I2C devices... Testing device connections... MPU6050 connection failed

Send any character to begin DMP programming and demo:

I am using the exact same code that i was before, on the same genuine arduino uno (unsure if it's an R3), using the same MPU chip and tried a new one, the wiring is the same as before and is as follows;

int - digital pin 2 SDA - A4 SCL - A5 GND - GND VCC - 5V (tried 3.3v as well but to no avail. however, it worked with 5V previously)

i also have a keyes data logging shield (link below) which i have tried with (just to plug into, no saving to SD card), and without.

i am connecting the IMU to the board with the cables supplied by arduino. i have tried with and without the external battery.

i have run the I2C scanner and get this result;

I2C Scanner Scanning... I2C device found at address 0x68 ! done

The most frustrating thing is that it works with the example MPU6050 Raw. What am i missing with this. Any help would be greatly appreciated, and just say if you need more information



well I've sorted it.But not sure what the problem was. I swapped out both the cables and removed the shield and it works now. So dodgy connection somewhere. so i will now bow my head in shame...

Hello. I came over the same issue, DMP Initialization failed because of "initial memory load failed". Did you know where could the problem be from? How did you solve it?