MPU6050 GY-521 Programing Help (Small code)


This is small code This is large code

You can add a tab to your project with the drop-down-menu on the right side of the Arduino IDE. So you can use a seperate file for the MPU-6050 code.

(while I'm writing this, your post is deleted ?)

Pretty obnoxious, eh?

It would be nice if the Arduino forum provided a feature that let forum members record a personal 'red flag' against other members, to remind us that they have a history of anti-social behaviour when we see future questions from them that we might otherwise be tempted to try to answer.

I'm realy sorry for that I needed help for a smaler code but I found the solution myself I got a code for my MPU6050 about 30 Lines exactly what i needed. About the topic I'm realy sry for that I know few members already replyed on my other topics that i had and i thought that people will say that there's already answer for that and that i didn't searched to much so i decided to delete this topic but I can't as you see.

I can put my code if anyone need it.


Can you post the code? I need a small and easier to understand code for my MPU6050 to get acceleration and angular velocity. Can you help me please?

Thank you.