MPU6050 Gyro Accel - long time to angles fixation - strange

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Hello, I had been implementig MPU6050 on Raspberry Pi (with MPU6050 library) and everything works fine }tested ALSO on quadcopter). Now I'm implementing MPU6050 on Arduino and I'm encountering strange habits: it take relatively long time until degrees from pitch and roll are fixating to the right degree . For example:

0.) The pitch and roll values are printing to the screen through the Serial 1.) I put MPU6050 board to the +-0 degree (for pitch for example, but it's same for roll) 2.) Now i quickly move it to the +-50 degree (and I hold this position without moving) 3.) On the screen it start show +-50 degrees and it relatively slowly fall down to the +-32 degrees during about 1s (start quicklier stop slower)

Well you can see there is about +-20 degrees mistake which is useless on my camera gimbal and I don't wanna know if my quadcopter will flying :)

-I'm using the same initialization as on the Raspberry Pi -I try to use calibration values from Raspberry Pi and it has no effect

Thanks for help

Great so I try to use vanilla code for MPU6050 and it works fine. So I really don't know where is that BUG :astonished:


uring experimenting I put to my code line:


And that's that problem, now it works fine.

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