MPU6050 gyro for stability

Hi guys.

I have one of these low cost gyro's coming through the post and i intend to add it to my basic biped. I was wondering if someone could offer a little guidence for the best steps to begin adding stability to the robot.

The idea is just to stop it falling forard / backward. The ankles have two servos.

The legs are basically like this:

I dont expect full code examples just, a little guidence would be amazing.

Cheers guys

A gyro (or accelerometer) wont help you. That robot reacts far to slow to avoid a fall.
Make its feet longer (or use glue)

An accelerometer would probably be best for this. It knows which way is "down" and you want your robot to stand "up", even if "down" is caused by acceleration or deceleration.

Robot wont be fast enough, anyway. Servos are far to slow