MPU6050 - hang when enable iterrupt & I2C pullup resistor.

I currently try to rebuild my project and i want to use interrupt from my MPU6050 (gy521). So I enable it with this code:

  attachInterrupt(0, MPUiter, RISING);
  Wire.write(0x37); // INT_PIN_CFG 
  Wire.write(0B00000000); // 

  Wire.write(0x38); //  INT_ENABLE
  Wire.write(0B00000001); // 
void MPUiter(){

but after few seconds code hang. I try pushpull mode and open drain with same resoult.
While i unsolder INT wire from gyro side then arduino does not hang (i spend ~3 hours to get that) but when I unplug only for arduino side then it still hang. So my question is what may be wrong with my circuit?

My MPU is connected with arduino using twisted ~1m 5x0,14mm2 (see pictures).

I also have some trouble with I2C because rarely arduino hang while communicating with MPU and Im not sure what pullup resistor i should use and one side or both side. Currently i have 1k (and oryginal 4k7) resistor on MPU side but it still sometime stuck. Unfortunately I do not have osciloscope so I do know it it even help.

Sorry for double post. I accidently press post before I write all post.

Complete code missing, can't say anything sensible about it.

Currently I'm doing research so its mostly draft but work almost perfectly and only few modyfication to make it heart of my own drone.