MPU6050 help please

Probably a long shot.. But I am currently working on a project, I am using the MPU6050 to sense the angle that a blind person would hold their assistive cane (solved), what I am trying to do is calculate using the mpu - what angle the blind person has currently swept the cane at assuming the full range is 180 degrees. Would anyone have an idea if this can be done?

sp: "their", "they're" is a contraction for they are.

The MPU-6050 can be used to estimate relative rotations or sweep angles, for a short period of time. So, it may be possible to implement your idea.

However, the rate gyro drifts and has to be calibrated frequently, which temporarily removes the rotation rate offset.

There are Arduino libraries available to estimate orientation using the MPU-6050. You will probably want one that uses the DMP, and Rowberg's is popular. Try several and experiment.