MPU6050 library, how to reduce code size?

i’m using the library from jeff rowberg

which works great but is a bit large in program memory space

i’m now at a 99% program memory usage and have more stuff to add so thinking maybe there is another library that a bit smaller but works just as well. any suggestions?

i’m only interested in pitch and roll, down’t care about any of the other stuff


You can try tiny MPU6050 lib - GitHub - gabriel-milan/TinyMPU6050: Tiny implementation for MPU6050 focusing on performance and accuracy

But what about other parts of your design? May you can save much more somewhere else?

Perhaps mentioned below library will help you out

actually this one is very little code at all and runs really fast and seems to work really well

How long should it take for the mpu.Calibration() call to run? Mine's been sat here for a good 10 minutes and still reporting as calibrating.