MPU6050 motion tracking? [on Visuino]

hi ...

does somebody have experienced with Motion / Position Tracking (x, y, z) of MPU6050 on Visuino?

any helps?


Maybe start with the Visuino MPU6050 tutorial video:

Or the corresponding Instructable:

Do you want to integrate it with other devices?

thanks for your reply ...
i know that basics ...
but i need some node to calculate position of MPU ...
for now i can getting Roll - Pitch - Yaw by Madgwick Filter node ...
but what about position?

thanks for your reply :]
i'm using ESP32 and MPU6050.
and i've accessed to Visuino Pro that have Custom code Node...
but i don't know howto coding with that? or on the other hand, i don't know coding!!

You can't do that with a consumer grade IMU.

Outdoors, use GPS. Indoors, Pozyx is an option.

thanks ...
but i found this Github project that do that with MPU ...
but i don't know coding and need some custom nodes inside of Visuino :[

If you want to have someone write code for you, post on the Jobs and Paid Collaborations forum section.

nope ...
i need guidance ...
i'm student and have to learn that :]


We suggest to start with the simple examples that come with the Arduino IDE: learn to blink an LED without using delay(), read a voltage, a sensor or a button, and print on an LCD.

That way you learn the C/C++ programming language and the special features of the Arduino at the same time. There are lots of tutorials on line, as well.

and what about that position??
does exists any tutorial of that??

See reply #6. There are plenty of tutorials on using Arduino with GPS and a few for Pozyx.

so what about this?
GitHub - wandeimer/MPU6050: Motion tracker on two MPU6050(accelerometer, gyroscope) with Unity sketch to test

and what is Pozyx?? is this sensor?
or Visuino's node??

Try wandeimer's code.

Be sure to come back and tell us if it does what you want.

can you post the link of that wandeimer's code?
github or something??

Surely you are joking, having posted the link yourself. Please don't waste any more of forum members' time like this.

oh ... that code :joy:
i don't know coding first ...
i want to do that on Visuino [software to use without coding knowledges]
and what is Pozyx?? is that sensor?

Here's what you do. Go to Type 'Pozyx' into the search window and click the Google Search button. A new page will appear: these are the search results. Simply click the first result and you will be told all about Pozyx.

It's surprisingly easy.

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just to clarify ...

i want to use MPU6050 on Visuino to get like this results:

hope some experts help me to how to get results with Visuino ...

You need to be reasonable about how much help you are asking for. What you want to achieve is reasonably sophisticated, and if you are a beginner to Arduino you will need to do a lot of groundwork first before you can tackle something like this. If you want to do this yourself, then it won't be done quickly.

The experts on this forum will help you overcome specific difficulties, and even give general guidance, but nobody will guide you by the hand right through to the end. It's just too much to ask.

If you want to get this up and running quickly, consider making a request for paid help through the Jobs and Paid Consultancy section.

Otherwise, start at the beginning and learn Arduino using the various tutorials available, as mentioned in #11 above. When you are getting close, come back with specific questions.

Right now, though, you are too far away from the final goal for us to be much help.

Have you tried here;

Tom.. :smiley: :+1: :coffee: :australia: