MPU6050 Orientation and Position detection

Just start to play araound with a GY-521 and Jeff Rowberg’s libaries.

After calibration orientation is nearly perfect.

But I’m also looking towards (relative) position tracking.

See myMPU6050Demo3Kalman.

Velocity and Position integration is very simple so I still have issues with drift and backforce when movement is stopped.

Kalman Filter Parameters are still very experimental and not calculated.

Will be improved.

But I'm also looking towards (relative) position tracking.

It won't work for more than a minute or so. See this blog article for an explanation.

Thanks for the reference.

But it is possible to track cyclic motio, while moving the gyro around a center. Bit in contrast to what is reported by S. Madgwick it "pull" back fast as soon as the sensor becomes stationary and not slow.

I replaced Kalman Filtering and implement a simple Highpass Filter but there is no difference.

While not moving and only rotate it is stable.

As previously commited. Did some minor enhancements and it is working for oscillatory motion. Due to my poor experimental setup I'll still have noise. Therefore filter and position including velocity calculation still require continious improvement.

Am I correct in my understanding that the MPU start up orientation is looking down on it the INT pin is at bottom left so that X+ is then right. +Y then forward and +Z up? ... If I run your example the the roll values are acting like pitch. Am I missing something.... Question two. Can yo mount the MPU vertically, INT pin at bottom near. Thanks