MPU6050 problem on Arduino UNO

I've just started with Arduino and sensors and I am not experienced with any of this things.

For a university project we bough an Arduino UNO and an MPU-6050 sensor. I started connecting the two as follows:

  • VCC = 3.3V
  • GND = GND
  • INT = Digital Pin 2
  • SCL = Analog Pin 5 (without resistor!)
  • SDA = Analog Pin 4 (without resistor!)
  • VIO = 3.3V

FSYNC, CLK, ASCL and ASDA unconnected.

We used the I2cdevlib libraries and examples given on the sparkfun site ( We tried a test and the sensor worked fine and gave signals for a while. We shook it a bit to see if the values changed and it suddenly stopped responding and gave only 0's as output. Since then, we've been unable to get any response form the sensor. We did an i2c connection test and it responded correctly (connection found on 0x68), yet the sensor test says the device is not connected.

We later discovered that for the UNO R3 there are dedicated pins for SCL and SDA. Furthermore, the two analog pins are used as input for the sensor instead of output. Being the Arduino UNO a 5V system, did we fry the sensor by sending an excessivly high input voltage? How is it possible that it worked fine for 5sec before crashing? Could we have broken the sensor by shaking it?

Thanks for taking the time to read this post, we could really use some help