MPU6050 problems


I have this mpu6050 breakout board, bought it off ebay for $2. The chip is working, but not properly. Its responding as it should, if i move it in a desired angle (right now i am focusing on the gyroscope) the information changes accordingly. But when i try to change the sensitivity and full scale range by changing the register (2 bits) that is responsible for that, i get really weird results.

(Note that the device is still and not moving)

If i dont try to change the register at all, and leave it in default this is what the info i get is like (x, y, z):
-39, 39, -163
-20, 25, -184
-41, 38, -181
-27, 16, -198
-46, 18, -200

With the register set on zero:

-1, 3, -22
-2, 4, -24
-6, 6, -24
-6, 1, -25
-3, 2, -24

If its set on 1 its the same as in "default". Which is supposed to be 0...

If it is set on 2 or 3 its:

1472, -1455, 1638
1479, -1453, 1644
1475, -1456, 1641
1479, -1453, 1650
1481, -1452, 1642
So now i can just leave it on defaut and cut off the offsets and get it all nice and stable, but its all useless information if i dont know how much "10" is. Is it 1°/s or is it 10°/s? I could measure it by hooking the sensor up on a motor and spinning it with constant speed and whatnot, but what good is it if everything is not working like it should.

Oh and if i try to change the sensitivity of accelometer its the same crap all over again, not working as it should at all. Just with the exception that i have gravity on my side, from which i can calculate the meaning of numbers much more easy.

What does all of this wierd info mean? Also a lot of times the MPU just stops sending stuff. Is it possible that the chip is faulty? Or is it just me failing miserably? But then again, as they say: you get what you pay for, and $2 is really freaking cheap for stuff like this.

Cheers, mate115