MPU6050 - Wakeup interrupt generating only on active low

Hi there! I'm trying to get my way around the MPU6050 sensor and specifically the motion interrupts.

I do the following things tp enable motion interrupts:

  1. reset_signal_paths()
  2. Write 1 to register 0x1C (high pass filter)
  3. Set motion threshold and motion duration
  4. Write 0x1 to register 0x69.
  5. Set the INT_ENABLE register to the value of 0x40.

This does generate an interrupt IF I (before doing this sequence) set the logic level for the interrupt pins to be active low as in that I can see the logic level of the INT pin change from 1 to 0 when I move the device. I set the INT_PIN_CFG to 161 when it works, that's a value I found online and tested with. However, if I configure the INT to be an active high, which is what I want, the interrupt doesn't trigger at all - the logic level stays at 0 all the time with the same thresholds as when it works (when it is an active high). This is when I set INT_PIN_CFG to 0x21.

The INT_PIN_CFG register is set before the described sequence above. Since the interrupt works with the pin active high, I assume there is something with my configuration - because the pin should be able to be active low - right?

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