I'm developing version two of a gyroscope board. i made the board as durable as i could. (other people than just me would be using it) version one is equipped with two mpu6050 gyros that are set to two different addresses. the two mpus share a single set of sda and scl lines for i2c communication. these lines go through a set of logic level shifters that get pulled up externally by a voltage of ones choosing.

for version two i would like to add interrupt support but i'm having a hard time deciphering the data sheet as it relates to what the mpu can handle electrically.

the data sheet describes that the interrupt pin can be configured to an open drain or totem pole configuration. from what i witnessed reading about this mpu it is common to connect the interrupt pin directly to a arduino board.

i would like to make the this board as durable as possible so my plan is to connect the interrupt pin to the gate of a n-mosfet through a resistor. this would allow for any pull up to be used externally.

what i don't know is if this set up would work? what current can the mpu drivers handle, what resistor do i need to the gate of the mosfet to keep the current under control. is there a better way to do what i want?