Recently, I got an MPU 6050(an accelerator and a gyro combined).The issue here is that when I use the common library example of the MPU 6050, it doesnt work.Help?

My serial monitor just displays:
Initializing I2C devices...

and then just stops.

My pins are
Int-> digital pin 2;
VCC-> 5V
SDA -> A4
SCL-> A5

Also, it feels like the sensor gets hot, is this normal?

The MPU6050 is a 3.3V device.

Unless you have a breakout board that is specifically designed for 5V operation, it has been destroyed. We've all done that at least once!

If the sensor got even vaguely hot, you likely fried it. Most 3.3V chips are destroyed
by 5V, over-voltage damage is instant and irreperable.