MPU9150 Drotek

Hi all! I've got a problem with MPU9150 and Arduino Leonardo:

I2C Scanner found the device and the address without errors, but when i start the sensor sketch, it show me all ZERO in the serial port, in ALL: accelerometer, gyro, ecc...

Please help mee!!

This module ?
Is there a schematic for it ?

Which address was found ? 0x69 ?

Which sensor sketch did you try ?
This is a very basic sketch :

Yes, that's the module, the address is 0x69, and with that code i get the default temp 36.5, and all -1!!

What is it means?

I don't know. The sensor (the internal accelerator and so on) is turned off when powered on, but after the sleep bit is cleared it should work.

Did you apply Arduino 3.3V or 5V to MPU-9150 module VDD ?
I think the module has a onboard voltage regulator.
With 3.3V the output of the onboard voltage regulator might be too low, so using 5V is better.

Perhaps the module is wrong. Could you check with a magnifier if everything is soldered, and there are not solder drops that shortcut something. Or the sensor is broken.

If you can't find the problem, you could buy another MPU-9150 module to compare the results.