MPU9150 Interrupts


I’ve read many posts involving Interrupts and have read the forum and gotten some insight from This is my first post to the forum, so my apologies if I have posted this incorrectly.

I am working on a project that needs to use the ‘tap detection’ aspect of an MPU9150. So far, all of the information and Arduino code I have found has been for the ADXL345. I have the MPU9150 up and running with an Arduino Pro Mini 3v. I am getting all of the raw data I need. However, I would only like to retrieve that data when signaled (via INT). I have a piezo sensor connected to the Pro Mini as well (A1). The piezo knock sensor test runs perfectly. Right now, I do not have the INT or FSYNC pins connected to the arduino board. I am wondering; if I want to only retrieve data from the MPU9150 when either it, or the piezo sensor has been tapped, do I connect the INT or FSYNC to my arduino board? If so, do I connect it to digital pin 2? If I can get the serial monitor to print the raw data upon a single tap, and only print when it has been tapped without the use of the piezo, that would be preferred. Whether it be through the accelerometer, or the piezo, I just want to display the raw data only when it has been triggered by the tapping event.

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If Nick Gammon could respond to this post, I would be extremely grateful.



According to this, you use the “INT” pin and connect it to D2. “FSYNC” appears to be an input. :-
MPU-9150 Hookup Guide

Thanks OldSteve.

I've looked at that and some other information, and do think that the INT pin is what I need to connect... I am still looking for arduino code that I can use with it. I'd like the accelerometer to 'wake' the arduino upon tapping, and only print the raw data when it has been tapped. I've looked in to some sleep mode codes and interrupts, but have not been able to find much information on using it with the MPU9150.

If anyone knows of a good code that will allow me to do this process with the MPU9150 hooked up to the Arduino Pro Mini, I would really appreciate it.