MPU92/65 conction with SPI

Hello Guys,

I have finally received my MPU92/65 board and I am talking to it using I2C with out any problems. I need to talk to it using SPI protocol but the pin names does not match to the SPI pins on my Due.

Can anyone help me understand how to physically connect them. I an already using SPI for the SD card with my project so I want to use SPI for both for two reasons. 1) so there wont be any conflict between the SPI & I2C ( I read somewhere there may be a issue with that) 2) my cycle time is 0.5ms and I need the faster communication.

Thanks in Advance, Yossi

Please, If you know anything I really need help here.


Is this a 6050 AND a 9250 sensor in the same board?