MPU9250 Calibration and G

hello im using an mpu9250 working with de bolderflght library, and i would like to know how to convert the
Imu.getAccelZ_mss() to G, im just working with the accelerometer and if you could plese tell me if te calibration is right thanks, im using this code

MPU9250_G.ino (3.83 KB)

Do you mean g? Big G is the universal gravitational constant, about 6.67 × 10^-11 m^3 kg^-1 s^-2

the getAccel*_mss() methods return values in m/s^2, so its trival to convert to g.

Thanks for answer
So if that command send the data in mss there is another command to get the data in G?

Is it too much trouble to divide m/s^2 by 9.8?

Thanks sorry im new in this,the calibration part is right??? im not sure if its really working

If the accelerometer is held still, the measured acceleration in the vertical direction is 1.000 g.

Let that be your guide.