MPU9250 : unable to use accel after disabling gyro

Im using Mpu9250 with a nR52832 development board, In earlier stages I first enabled gyro, accelerometer and magneto and it was working perfectly.
Now when Im trying to use only accel and magneto and disabling gyro via PWR_MGMT_2 register im not able to use accel unless iam activating atleast one axis of gyro (any of the 3 axis).

Disabling gyro by sending 7 in PWR_MGMT_2 register.
while if I send 0/1/2/3/4/5/6 my accel works just fine.
(sending 0 turns all the axis of gyro on)

Please help ASAP

Did you program the complete list of actions as defined on page 42 of the MPU9250 register map? If such rules are explicitly listed it usually means that there are some restrictions on the usage.
I guess the GYRO_STANDBY bit must be set before deactivating the gyro axes.

can i ask you why are you disabling gyro ?why not just not use them . what is the logic here i am curious . what is the benefit of this?