mpx2050dp arduino

I am working on a project of measuring pressure difference based on Mpx2050dp sensor.
Based on what I read, I need to amplify the signal comes out from the sensor using 741 IC. My problem is that it is the first time I deal with this amplification circuit and I couldn’t understand it clearly.

First, the power supply of this IC should be +9 , -9 volts ? How?
Second, how much should the inputs coming from the sensor be amplified through this circuit?


For informed help, please read and follow the directions in the "How to use this forum" post. Post links to the product page or datasheet for the devices, and post a schematic diagram of the circuit.

I found many amplification circuits, and have not picked one yet.

But, I read in the forum that rail to rial amplification fits this sensor as shown in the schematic attached.