MPX5010DP pressure sensor stopped working

I just got an MPX5010DP for a project where I need to detect the pressure of me blowing into a tube. It was working beautifully, better than I ever imagined, for a couple days. It was working this morning. Left for a few hours, and when I came back and tried it, it would only read around 20-25 and not be affected by pressure at all. (Before it was reading about 40-45 as neutral pressure)

Edit: just noticed, when I moved it over to a new circuit (which was supposed to be wired exactly the same but with a Nano instead of an Uno) I accidentally shifted 2 wires by one row, so I ended up connecting the data pin correctly but the sensor's GND was not connected, 5V was going to ground, and the first NC pin had 5V going to it. I realize this of course would make it not work in that circuit, but even when I moved it back to the Uno in an isolated test circuit with correct wiring it still wouldn't work anymore.

Was that goof-up enough to fry it?? Surely that wouldn't destroy a regular potentiometer, is this all that different?

If you look at the data sheet , even tho the output is ratiometric, it has a built in amplifier, so not so rugged.

Just wire it to a power supply and measure the output with a DVM - that will tell you if you killed it.