MQ 135 value

Hello i,m try mq 135 air sensor

But it read 0,02 ppm ?

include "MQ135.h"

define ANALOGPIN 0

float airthreshold[3] = { 400, 400, 800};

// Initialize the gas Sensor MQ135 gasSensor = MQ135(ANALOGPIN);

void setup() { // start the LEDs

//Set up the serial terminal Serial.begin(9600); } void loop() { float ppm = gasSensor.getPPM(); Serial.print(" CO2: "); Serial.print(ppm); Serial.println(" ppm ");

delay(1000); }

This is the code

Is 0,02 ppm good reading


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also a link to the library used will be helpful

But it read 0,02 ppm ?

What did you expect? is it too low/high

What does the datasheet of the sensor describe as unit?

This website is a good website. Has experienced an increase

hi, this solves the question: