MQ-2, MQ-9, MQ-135 Calibration using Exponential Regression

Hi! I have a thesis project that will use MQ Sensors. Now im having a hard time to calibrate my sensor. First there's a method called Exponential Regression and i want to know how it works step by step. Can anybody help me? If there's a pinoy outhere that can explain to me in tagalog im very grateful! Thankyou.

What gas standards are you using for the actual calibration?

Post some of the calibration data and we can suggest ways to fit it. Since it is unlikely that you will have more than a couple of data points for each sensor, a complex fitting method is not required or even justified.

Hi, this is the characteristic graph for the sensor.


Yes, that is a representative example from the sensor data sheet.

Each individual sensor will respond differently, of course, and as mentioned in the sensor data sheet, must be individually calibrated using a standard gas mixture. What sort of experimental setup do you have in mind for collecting the calibration data?