MQ-7 hard-wired to vehicle and outputs

Hi everyone, brand-new member and brand-new to electronics.

Background - I have a 1979 VW Bus and, as with all air-cooled VWs, the heating system comprises air blown over the exhaust within sealed heat exchangers, and then on to the outlets within the vehicle. As such, it worked well when new, but as the vehicles age and rust appears, the exhaust can leak into the cabin through the heating system: carbon monoxide in the cabin, headaches, crashes, etc...

I would like to utilize an MQ-7 CO sensor plugged into a hole drilled in the heating system to pick up on CO leaks, and ideally output to both a small LCD for levels and a tri-color warning light (green OK, yellow warning, red danger, for example).

As a, basically, complete novice to electronics (I did some at high school around 25 years ago, although my mother-in-law worked in electronics so I might be able to assistance there), how would I go about this?

I'm thinking the MQ-7 on a board that you can purchase from places like, plugged into an Arduino, but I don't know which one would work best for my needs.

Any ideas?