mq131 gas sensor heater


I want to use a gas sensor like this one. It states the heater needs 5V. As I am running it on a battery pack (maybe 3 or 4 times 1.5 V?), i wonder, how exact does the voltage have to be? Will it still work while the battery packs voltage starts to drain? What exactly happens if I exceed or go beneath the stated voltage?

The sensors will work, but readings will be less accurate. Use 4 cells and an LDO regulator

I think that's what I'll do. Do you know any good LDO's? (Sorry, I know the question is stupid, but I've really never used one)

U'll find that the 1117 - family in commonly used.

from china or theese

You will find the 'anywhere'..

But haven't these got a dropout of 1.2 V? Meaning 4 AA batteries wouldn't even get it started? Or am I wrong?