MQ135 Air Quality Sensor Connection to Arduino~ Urgent Reply

I am george, a 13yr old maker from India!

I am a trying to make a Pollution Display lcd with MQ135(Non breakout board

Please help me out in connecting it with arduino as it has "no naming of the pins"

I need help fast as i have competition on Monday!!!

Thanks in Advance!
Little brother George!

Here's a link to the datasheet, good luck.

i need to hire someone who can build an air quality sensor so that i can develop a record of when the restaurant next to us in NYC is creating emissions

do you have any suggestions??

do you have any suggestions??

Yes I do!

First find out what the legal emmissions limits are in your area. They may vary by time of day but you need a full breakdown of what is permitted and what isn't.

From that data work out what it is you need to detect (air quality is very subjective and would not stand much chance in court). - This will tell you what sensor(s) you need, what you need to detect and in what quantities (sensitivity of sensor).

Do you need auto data logging? Do you need a display with the current readings on it? Will you need a graph of the data?

These thoughts should get you thinking more along the right lines and yes I can build something like this, but there are a lot of things to consider first.