MQ2 sensor voltage

I have this MQ2 lpg gas sensor module and I have tested it and it works fine as it should when I powered it through usb to arduino.

Now that I want it to work with my ATtiny13a but the power source is now a 6V 500mA wall adapter. I tested the output with a multimeter and the adapter outputs 5.89V when no load is connected.

Can I use an 1N4007 silicon diode to bring the voltage down a bit. ATtinty13a can take up to 5.5V I believe but I'm not sure about the MQ2 sensor module. Can it tolerate extra 200mV? or should I use an AMS1117 5V voltage regulator module?Datasheet here says maximum is 5.1V.

Datasheet here says maximum is 5.1V.

Then that is the maximum then.