MQ2 Smoke sensor gas concentration calculation

i just bought a new DFRobot MQ2 Smoke Sensor. ive read online about how to calibrate smoke sensors. and ive derived an equation for the CO line
X = 10^(log(y)−1.512/−0.339)

where x is PM and y is RS/R0.

and i put this on my arduino, get my readings. suppose case 1 i put a cigarrete close to the sensor i would get a rs/r0 of 1.5. now when i put this on the equation, i would get a ppm value of 8724. which is ridiculously high compared to online sources saying a ppm value of 150-200 is dangerous. is it even right to compare these?

If you have not "burned in" the sensor for 48 hours or more (as mentioned in the data sheet), the measurements are meaningless.

Even after burn-in, the sensor must be calibrated against a known standard.

You may find this Electronic Nose project interesting and helpful:

i see, i will have a look at that, thank you.

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