MQ3 Ethanol v/s Methanol

I am planning to use an MQ3 to detect alcohol. The problem is that I need to know when I have Methanol and when I have Ethanol.
Has anyone ever been able to tell the difference with the sensor?

That is not possible :frowning:
The MQ3 sensor detects "something" and changes its resistance. It sensitive more or less for a number of gasses. That's all.
Brewing beer in your basement ? Making moonshine ? You need professional equipment or you will risk the health of yourself and others.

(not very serious)

I: take a sample. set it on fire. (flames are differest)
II: ..sample. rub it in your hands. see foam? -> dont drink it.

(this is common test for imported, cheap, alcohol)

The two are chemically very similar (just a CH2 group difference) which makes them hard to distinguish.

Gas chromatography will be able to tell them apart easily. IR spectroscopy may do as well, I would expect to see a different C-O resonance frequency.