MQTT control of stepper Motor

I'm trying to control a stepper motor as per the tutorial and video from the hook up.
I have a ESP8266 hooked up however the first hurdle is compiling the code.
The code is from

It's unaltered apart from filling in my internet details.
I get an error on compiling:

no matching function for call to 'SimpleTimer::setInterval(int, void (&)())'

All the libraries are in brown at the top.

I was into Arduino a while ago and since dabled in micropython and other IOT scripts so my Arduino is a bit rusty.

I will probably be looking for further help on this subject so to keep all together I have posted it here, although this question may be more relevant in another section.

Eventually i would like both a remote manual control and control by my MQTT broker which is mosquitto running is HASSIO which in turn is running as a virtual machine on my CCTV Pc which is always on.