MQTT data logging platform suggestions

Hello All,

I am working on a project with an MKR NB1500 and soil moisture sensor using MQTT to log data to a cloud platform. I’m looking for recommendations for what platform to use.

I initially used Adafruit IO because they had great tutorials and I’m a pretty novice programmer. It was working exactly as I wanted but I was having issues with it crashing after several hours. I realized that the Adafruit library I was using was not fully compatible with the MKR NB1500. Once I removed that it ran without crashing.

Then I started looking at alternatives and began with the platforms that have examples in the Arduino Cloud Providers library- AWS, Azure and Google Cloud. I got Azure working but the Azure interface is way more complicated than what I need. I have not been able to get AWS or Google Cloud working (I posted a separate topic on my struggles with Google Cloud that has no response yet).

Since I’ve had very limited success getting anything working well, I was wondering what recommendations others may have that you have successfully used with an MKR NB 1500 using MQTT.


You could try Matlab using MQTT.