MQTT -> Neopixel


I'm totally new on this Forum and also on Arduino, so please forgive if I write some standard questions.

My goal is, that I can tell my MQTT Server which specific LED on the ESP8266 Board (with MQTT Client) should have which color.

so, i want to tell MQTT:
LED0 = green
LED21 = red
LED80 = blue
LED250 = yellow

every other LED should just be dark.

I found a source, where I can controll individual adressable LEDs (like WS2812B) from the MQTT Server on the ESP8266, but in this code, I only can controll the color of every LED at once.

Could someone help me on this, or point me in to the right direction?

You address an individual LED by addressing the index into your array of LEDs that you define on your ESP8266.

If you want to use the wifi on an ESP unit, please use the Makuna-Neopixelbus library, not bit-banged libaries like adafruit-neopixel or FastLed. The rest as in reply#1 (or in the examples that come with the library)