MQTT update to my older WeatherStation project

Code at: GitHub - travis-farmer/WeatherStation

i used an Arduino Mega2560, a Sparkfun Weather Shield (SparkFun Weather Shield - DEV-13956 - SparkFun Electronics), the weather sensor kit, an DS18B20, as the onboard temp sensor failed on me, and an Adafruit ATWINC1500 breakout for wifi. i used the uFL version (Adafruit ATWINC1500 WiFi Breakout with uFL Connector [fw 19.4.4] : ID 3060 : $24.95 : Adafruit Industries, Unique & fun DIY electronics and kits) so i could have an external antenna.

it works for my needs, and thought some may find the code useful.
missing from the code, is the “arduino_secrets.h” file that contains the wifi login info, like:

#define WSSID "wifi SSID here"
#define WPSWD "wifi password here"

all i have to do is find a place and way to mount it, within wifi range, and protect the Arduino portion from the elements.

i will add a connections diagram at some point after i eat some lunch.

Hope somebody finds the project useful. :slight_smile:


The connection diagram:


updated to Ethernet… WiFi didn’t reach, but Ethernet will, as it turns out.

WiFi still at Commit: GitHub - travis-farmer/WeatherStation at fda79236a89fe37ab1aca0657f617c94e3a592d8


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