MQTT with Arduino Nano 33 IoT

Hello everyone,

I am currently implementing a sensor node with Arduino Nano 33 IoT to install to a remote location that does not have access to WiFi. Will I still be able to use the MQTT protocol for publishing data to a cloud platform like Arduino IoT in this case? How can this be done?

Thank you!

MQTT usually runs over TCP/IP. So, when you have a TCP/IP connection to the internet you can use MQTT.

Now your Arduino Nano 33 IoT has a WiFi module. If you do not have a WiFi network you need to have some additional hardware to send the data to some node that has an internet connection.

What kind of data network is available where you want to install your Arduino? e.g. mobile network (what standard?), satellite, open source LoRaWAN e.g. The Things Network ...

How much data do you want/need to send?

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Hello Klaus_K,

Thank you so much for your reply. I am going for the Wi-Fi option for now but also currently looking into LoRaWAN.

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