Mr.Flex (Pimp My Ride) LMR DAGU Contest Robot

Mr.Flex (Pimp My Ride - Autonomous vehicle) - LMR DAGU Contest Robot.

Project Details Here (Gareth)

This is my competition entry, for a contest run by a Robotic supplies firm.

On 1st July 2009 the 3 robots voted highest will each win a prize of USD 100 :o

Dagu where kind enough to supply the chassis at a very-very low price for competitors and threw in a free mouse robot.

The objective is to create a robotic based vehicle using all of the bits that came with the chassis.

My Autonomous Vehicle contains an Arduino+Motor controller+Ultrasonic distance sensor I totally reconstructed the gear system and converted it using PolyMorph. PolyMorph is an amazing Low melt Plastic that can be melted in boiling water and then reformed into any shape you require - when cold its as hard as rocks....its magic stuff.

1st Video is the basic system - Arduino-Ultrasonic-Motor Controller. It is by no means Finished and the full programming - Autonomous navigation will shortly be included ......stay tuned.

2nd Video is the making of Mr.Flex showing how use PolyMorph part 1

3rd Video shows the PolyMorph Suspension in Action

4th Video Shows the PolyMorph Universal Drive Joint in Action.

5th Video shows Mr.Flex in a spin with attached radio camera.

Latest Video Autonomous mode:-

Latest Video with totally new program - allowing faster speed and sensor response.........

Cheers! I love it!

I'm a fellow LMR-er! Quite a quiet one, but I'm there! I soon shall have some uber bots!:D

Hallo Captain ------ cool to link up here too.

The arduino site is a must for me and full of super information.
Look forward to see your posts both here and of course the amazing LMR site… :wink:

Contest close date delayed until 5 July :o ..... tension is building for the results.... join the action on