"Mr General" Robot with Arduino Duemilanove

Requesting some advise to where I will find the proper way to install the Arduino Duemilanove with "Mr General" Robot. I have notice a lot of videos of this robot w/o the Arduino Duemilanove but states that this robot can run with any chip. Actual schamatic's is needed.

You probably need to provide links and/or detailed info on "Mr General", otherwise suggestions would probably be to "wire" them together.

I did a bit of digging on ‘Mr General’, found it was a barebones prototyping kit and decided I wasn’t feeling up to an ‘Electronics 101’ course for a noob. Theres more than a million ways of wiring it up so it would work, but you’ll need to know quite a lot before you start. It would work with any microcontroller as it says, assuming you have grounding in digital electronics. Once you’ve got some form of circuit in place, you start writing bits of code to make those bits work, and then add a bit more and a bit more until it does what you want.

You’d be better contacting one of the guys who made a robot and see how he wired his up and then ask about using his code to drive it.

What the Youtube videos don’t tell you, the guy who made the video had years of experience and didn’t have a life way from the bench for months at a time.